Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Have The Most Fun Conversations....

Target had a sale on eggs this last week - 99 cents a dozen.  Since I don't get a Target ad every week, I didn't know this (oops!).  So imagine my happiness when I saw the sale sign on their cooler!  YAH!  I picked up 16 dozen - enough for the next 2 weeks (I usually buy 5 dozen per week but my mom is coming up for a 10 day long visit and I need the extra).

I got up to the checkout, dump everything but the eggs on the belt, and handed the cashier one dozen eggs.

"I have 16 of these," I told her, "And don't worry about bagging them."

She glanced into the cart and then at me...and then at the cart, "Wow, that's a lot of eggs."

"Yes.  Yes, it is."

She starts scanning my items, "I hope you don't mind me asking but...what do you do with all of those eggs?"

This is where I had to stop myself from spouting some sarcastic, foolish thing that probably would have gotten me in trouble. ***

Instead, I told her plain and simple, "We eat them."



*** I had the greatest urge to tell her, "Oh, I'm going to fling them at cars off the freeway overpass." or "Hatch them into chickens.  Cheap protein." 

You're welcome to add your own comebacks below...  ;-)


  1. Haha, I find it hilarious when people question my eating habits...other times it is just downright annoying and I want to slap someone.

    Nice deal, though! 99 cents is a steal!

  2. If people think our diet is funny they should look in their own shopping carts. My wife and I marvel at the amount of crap people eat. I think we are the only people there that only buy produce (we have freezer meats) when we can't get it from our CSA or farmers market.

  3. I too buy a lot of eggs and usually get them on sale for between 77 and 99 cents per dozen.

    Do you know that you can freeze eggs by cracking them and mixing them together like you would for scrambled eggs or an omelet.

    Then you can fill ice cube trays with the mixture and freeze them. Once frozen you can store them in big ziploc bags until you need them. Each cube is about one egg. Just thaw them and your ready to go.


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