Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter and Such - a Wrap Up

It's been a quiet week around here, thanks to my sciatic nerve screaming at me all week long.  I must have slept the wrong way on it last week because I woke up one morning barely able to move.  Thankfully, between ibuprofen, the heating pad, and an ice pack, things are doing much better now but I did have to stay low for a couple days and wait it out.

We had a quiet Easter here at Paleo on a Budget.  I had bought jelly beans and plastic eggs to do a little Easter egg hunt with the kids.  That was going to be the extent of our sugar gluttony this year but my ex derailed those plans by handed me a full bag of candy for the kids' Easter basket.  *sigh*

Thankfully, my kids are so desugared here at my house, that they weren't that excited about it.  "Ooooo...candy.  Can we do another Easter egg hunt?"  So, after they picked out three pieces of candy each, I tucked the baskets out of sight.  Later that evening, I poured all of that candy into the "potty rewards" bucket.  Tah-dah!  Candy dealt with...

Surprisingly, I have no need, want, or craving to eat any of that junk.  I did sneak a couple pieces of chocolate while I was packing the baskets but the sugary taste got to me and I spit it out.  What happened to chocolate these days?  It's ALL sugar, no chocolate!  ((Or maybe my taste buds are changing again....))

I did buy a ham while it was on sale this last week but we didn't get into it until Tuesday night.  Between my backache and the sheer amount of leftovers that were taking over the fridge, I just didn't see the need.  So, our Easter dinner were leftovers: chicken stew and roasted Brussels sprouts.  Exciting, huh?

The ham met it's demise Tuesday night, when I roasted it, defatted it, and took off what I needed for dinner before tossing the whole thing into the fridge to cool overnight.  The next morning, I dissected, bagged, and froze it into 12 oz portions (dinner portions for my family), so we'll have Easter ham to eat throughout the summer.  Yum!

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  1. Just wanted to stop in and say that I love your blog and it helps me keep my new paleo "diet" on a budget, too! I am trying to work on my waste not skills!


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