Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monster Pork Butt Roast

One of the local stores had a sale this week on pork butt roasts - 99 cents a pound - yum!  The moment I saw the ad, I have visions of pork carnitas, pork chili (yes, with beans - shoot me), and yummy meat for paleo-friendly dishes dancing through my head.

So, I sent one of my roommates, R, over to the stores to buy one.  I thought she'd come home with the usual 4 pounder that will easily fit in our large crockpot.  Nope - there is currently a 10 lb monstrosity of a pork butt sitting in our fridge, just waiting for this heat wave to end so we can roast it.

I have a feeling I'm going to end up cutting it in half and crockpotting (yes, that's a word!) one half today and the other tomorrow (or overnight) to keep the house cool.  (Our oven is a freaking furnace - once it comes on, we can't keep the house cool, even with the AC on.)  Most of the cooked meat will probably end up tossed with taco spices and placed in the freezer for later "quick meals" when we don't want to cook or heat up the house this summer.

So, lesson learned - don't send R out to the grocery store hungry - she comes home with half a pig.  Sheesh....  ;-)