Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Food Budget Update 2011 - March Update

My household food budget remains the same for 2011 - $200 to 225 a month (the extra $25 is for when I find a great deal on protein or other bulk items).  I thought I'd periodically post my expenses throughout the year of 2011 to show that yes, it is possible to eat Paleo on a Budget.

Another month has come and gone, which means I have to sit down and figure out the damage to the food budget.  I knew it would be under budget this month - the big box of apples my friend passed on to me, along with the oranges from my ex's tree, meant I haven't had to buy fruit for the last two weeks. If I didn't have those, I know I'd be toeing that $200 mark really really closely.

Here is the screenshot of my March Budget Sheet (you should be able to click on it to get a larger version):

The recent increase in food prices has startled me to no end.  Egg prices went up 60 cents for the 18-packs, which means I buy less, and the few condiments that we do eat seem to be more and more expensive.  I have a feeling that I'll have to spend one of my "non-kid weekends" revising my price book.  *sigh*  That's a super job in itself but the benefits are well worth it.

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  1. Just came across your blog, very helpful to me as a student eating primal on a limited budget.


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