Thursday, March 31, 2011


I just wanted to apologize to everyone who has commented on this blog in the last week.  It seems that Blogger has suddenly decided to stop emailing me when someone leaves a comment.  *sigh*  It also decided to get super-vigilant on comment spam, so a few comments were tossed into the moderation folder with no notification to me. 

I didn't notice this until this morning, when I went wandering through the back pages and discovered a bunch of comments that I hadn't read yet.  I'm hoping *crosses fingers* that this is fixed now...but just in case, for the next few weeks I plan to check my comments page every night so I can reply to questions in a timely manner.

I did take the time this morning to reply to everyone's comments, so if you've posted something in the last week or so, go check the post for my reply.

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