Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update - Yes, I'm alive!

Hi guys!  Yes, it's been another quiet week on the home front here.  Between potty training the four year old (yes, he was FINALLY ready), checkups, work, and the usual chaos around here, I barely had time to eat and sleep, never mind find the brain cells to write here.  So, I'm here to catching things up!  Sorry for the silence.

One surprising thing that happened last week - I decided Weds morning that I didn't want my usual 6-cup pot of coffee.  Instead, I made myself a pot of chai tea, which yes, still has caffeine in it but not as much as my "stand up and whistle" coffee, and was quite happy.   I've been coffee-free ever since. That will surprise my family to no end, I'm sure!  I've been addicted to coffee ever since my daughter was born (she's turning 6 in a couple months) so this is a major change!

Also, I stepped on the scale this last week for my monthly weight-in to find myself at 53 lbs lost.  I blew past the 50 lbs point without even knowing it!  Woot!

Even more surprising - this last week I've been craving exercise.  How strange is that?  With two young kids, it's hard to get out and exercise often.  I'm walking every weekend, usually around 3 to 4 miles at a time around my neighborhood.  (Thank god for my itouch - I can listen to my podcasts while I walk, which keeps me entertained.) 

My problem is during the week when I have the kids.  I'm trying to get on the Wii Fit every other night (I have a few exercises programs for it) but it's hard to find the time - I can't exercise when the kid are up (they get in the way a lot) and by the time they go to bed, I'm exhausted.  I'll have to find some time somewhere....

Anyway, that's my life these days.  Expect more from me this week....I cross-my-little-Paleo-heart promise.  ;-)

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