Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reader Poll - Pots and Pans

Okay, everyone - it's time for another reader participation post.

Today's question is - what do you cook with and why? 

If you had peeked into my pots and pans cupboard a couple years ago, you would have seen a stack of teflon frying pans and sauce pans of all sizes.  I loved those things...

But about two years ago, I transitioned to cast iron pans.  Yes, you read that right - cast iron.  I have two cast iron frying pans that literally live on the top of my stove - a small 5" pan (pictured here) that's perfect for frying eggs in the morning and a 12" frying pan I use to fry just about anything else. 

I love how versatile they are.  I can turn the heat up really high under those pans and really sear meat before moving the whole thing straight into a hot oven - no dirtying up an extra roasting pan just because the wimpy Teflon pan isn't "oven safe".  Coast iron is also broil-safe - so when I want to really crank up the heat in the oven, I'll use one of cast irons.

Now, don't get me wrong - I still have a few old teflon-lined saucepans that I use to boil eggs or make soup in, but the stack of telfon frying pans are long gone, and I couldn't be happier.

So, what do you use when you cook?  Any one else out there using cast iron or am I just weird?  ;-)


  1. I use cast iron pans, non-stick skillets, and steel pans. I try to be very careful not to scratch the non-stick pans.

    I love both the non-stick and the cast iron. They are both fairly easy to clean. But nothing gives you a better sear than a cast iron pan.

  2. I use a small cast iron pan almost every day for cooking our eggs, frying up steaks and pork chops, etc. I don't even bother putting it away. It's a permanent fixture.

    I have a bigger grooved cast iron grill pan that I don't use so often because it's just too heavy, and I have bad wrists.

    Other than that, it's stainless steel saucepans. I don't trust teflon anymore. The stainless steel is a beauty for heating up super fast. Like, "don't even turn on the heat before all of the veggies are chopped" fast.


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