Friday, February 18, 2011

Eat what you like

I recently had a friend ask me for advice on following the Paleo Diet.  I told her, "Buy more whole foods like meats, vegetables, fruit, fats, and dairy, and less processed foods.  Listen to your body and eat what you want to eat.  And most importantly, fill your fridge with stuff you like."

I know too many dieters who buy fruits and vegetables that they don't like just because they're supposed to be "healthy".   Of course, the hated veggies and fruit rot away becuase, surprise surprise, no one wants eats them!  The dieter ends up tossing the rotting produce, which to me is a mortal sin.  (I don't like to see people waste food - if you're not going to eat it, then don't buy it!)

Let me repeat this one more time for those that didn't get it:  Eat what you like!  If you like broccoli but don't like carrots, that's some broccoli and enjoy it!  Don't feel like you HAVE to buy those carrots for the vitamins and minerals in them - you'll get them elsewhere in your diet.  If you don't like oranges, don't buy then!  Find another way to get your vitamin C in.  It's not rocket science!


  1. So true! In addition, one thing I have loved about Paleo is trying new foods! I have googled "how to cook _______" about a thousand times since I started eating paleo. I now know how much I love eggplant and brussel sprouts- two foods I had never cooked or eaten. I've opened my food world to trying new combinations, way to prepare things, and new spices. Have fun with it!

  2. I needed to read this post today. As I sat and ate my canned wild salmon for breakfast, I thought to myself "I really don't like this stuff". But I've been eating it anyway because it is healthy. I guess I have to realize that there are many people who have lost weight and become healthy without the consumption of salmon.

    Thanks for the post.


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