Friday, October 29, 2010

Surfing the Sales

Today is Friday and in my house, Friday is mail-processing-and-grocery-ad-reading-day.  Yes, I only check my mail once a week - it's my way of reducing the time I waste sorting and tossing the piles of junk mail I get.  Since almost all of my business, financial, and personal business is done online these days, most of the mail I get ends up in my trashcan anyway.

After spending a few minutes standing next to the big kitchen trash can, chucking ads for things I can't afford and political fliers I'm not interested in reading, I toss the to-do mail in my inbox, grab a cup of coffee, and sit down to review this week's grocery ads. 

I typically already have a grocery list started, mainly things I needed to pick up during our biweekly trip to Target, so I add to it, marking down things that were within my price range.  I amend the list as I go, scratching off items from one list and adding it to another as I find better prices.As you can see, it can get a little crazy.  ;-)

Yes, this looks like a lot of errand running - it can be.  I usually try to consolidate errands - sometimes I don't feel like making so many stops, so I'll scratch items off my list and do without or pick them up at a place I'm going to be at.  For example, a few weeks ago, two stores had apples on sale - one for 47 cents and the other for 57 cents.  Since I was already stopping at the 57 cent store for something else, I just picked up the apples there. 

It's going to be a busy weekend...but at least the fridge will be full again!  ;-)

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