Saturday, October 30, 2010


A couple notes before I head out to the library, two grocery stores, and the mechanic for an oil change:

  1. You get a LOT of strange looks when you unload 12 lbs of frozen vegetables, 10 dozen eggs and 2 jars of peanut butter on the conveyor belt of Target - and that's just for two weeks!.  I think I alone keep the Target chickens in business.
  2. Talking about Target, what is up with their prices lately?  I've watched prices on the few staples I buy (bread, oatmeal, and jelly - all for the kids) go up and down by a good 50 cents each.  It was annoying to pick up a big tube of oats, to find that it had gone up 51 cents in 2 weeks!  TWO WEEKS!  To say the least, I put the tub back, since I knew I could get oats for 69 cents at the health food store around the corner.  And it's always a guessing game to see what the bread price is going to be - the price is never marked correctly on the shelf and each week my receipt says something different.  They're always the cheapest in the valley so I buy it anyway but one week they're 85 cents a loaf and the next they're 1.25/loaf.  It's annoying as hell to a woman like me who keeps a running track of prices in her head.
  3. I finally had to add a belt to my wardrobe.  Really, it was getting to be a necessity - my skinny pants are now "baggy pants" and I was tired of pulling them up every two minutes.  A friend of a friend just lost a lot of weight and is passing her size 16 pants to me.  I'm hoping there are a few pairs of jeans in there.  LOL
  4. No Trick or Treating for us - the neighborhood has pretty much banned it in the apartment area and the other parents in my complex tell me that the nearby houses (which is a mainly Asian mix of people) don't celebrate it - it's one big black of darkness over there on Halloween.  And personally, I'm not in the mood to drive to South or North San Jose and drag a 3 and 5 year old around T&T, especially my is has sensory processing disorder who is deathly afraid of talking to strangers and the other is 3 and has no sense of danger to him yet.  It's OK - it's not like I need all that candy in the house.
Anyway, I hope  y'all have a safe and sane Halloween and that you stay out of your kids' candy bags!  ;-)

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