Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beets Bonanza

Source - Not our collection of canned goods....
but our pantry looks similar!
I'm a lucky duck - not only did I move into a household where they follow a strict Gluten-Free diet and are proponents to the Paleo Diet, but they almost believe in the wonders of a home garden.  Most of the tiny yard about our mobile home is garden space, not to mention the nice patch at the community garden where we can plant anything, as long as we stay organic.  I help out when I can - usually watering and pulling weeds when I see them - but what I enjoy the most is when they bring the fruits of the garden inside and we start processing the food. (yeah, I'm strange....)

We are currently working our way through out collection of beets.  It seems that someone (who will remain nameless) went a little crazy with the beet planting this winter.  Not only is there a 3' by 3' "hedge" of beets here at the house, there is a full 10' row of the stuff at the community garden.  Yeah - we're literally seeing red these days.

I went through the home patch last weekend and pulled what needed to be pulled - mainly the HUGE beets and anything trying to "escape" out of the ground (yes, they're literally climbing out of there!).  These were cooked and peeled and later consumed. 


 Yesterday, my roommate, A, went through the same patch and pulled some more.  We spent last night after dinner cleaning, boiling, and canning those for later enjoyment.....

And still....the beet hedge stands out there in the front yard and mocks us. 

There are rumors of going to battle tomorrow - pull everything in the front yard AND in the community garden and clean, cook and can it all.  I'm sure we're going to come out of the experience looking like we actually went to battle. (If you don't know beets bleed a LOT.)  Should be....interesting.

But I will say this - I think we're going to be eating beets forever....

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