Thursday, May 17, 2012

Attack of the Onions and Lettuce!

I got 15 lbs of onions at Family Harvest on Friday.  Add that to the boxful that we already had (my roommate, A, gets a weekly brown bag from the Senior Assistance program here in town and there's always onions and potatoes in it), and we have enough onions to keep a Italian village happy.

So, now we're on the lookout for good Paleo onion recipes.  I woke up Saturday morning, to find A and my other roommate, R, prepping and shredding onions in the food processor.  These were handed to bleary-eyed me (remember, this is all before I've had my coffee) to make oniony meatball soup for lunches this week.  It's Thursday and I think there's just enough to feed everyone today and tomorrow.  Thank god, since we're are getting sick of soup!

We're very "grocery-sales-conscious" around here.  Since this is a "toss it all in the pot and see what happens" partnership, we make it a point to sit down Tuesday or Weds night with the ads and discuss what we have, what's on sale, what to buy, and what needs to be eaten.  That way, things get cycled through here with minimal food and money waste. 

So, we spent some time Tuesday night with the grocery ads, recipe books, and Mr. Google, trying to find ways to make that mega-box of onions disappear.  Same with the four heads of cabbage and three huge bags of "gourmet salad mix" that they gave me.  (And let's not even mention the multiple heads of lettuce in the garden outside that are coming to maturity and must be eaten.) No matter how many salads we have, there's no way we're going to eat through all of those tender leaves before they go bad.  I suggested sauteed salad leaves with lots of onions, garlic, and ginger....A voted for lettuce soup....R voted for a little of both.  So, we're doing one today and the other tomorrow.  Should be interesting!

BTW: we did have some good news - A, who is my mother's age and has been eating Paleo for 3 months and gluten-free for over a year and a half, saw a 40 pt drop in her bad cholesterol in the last year.  40 POINTS!  Take that, Mr. Low-Fat, No Taste!  ;-)

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  1. I'm glad you're back. I appreciate your candor and the real-life experiences of a person facing life's challenges head on with a Paleo mentality. Good for you!


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