Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rearranging the Fridge

My fridge is having issues this month.  It's still snowing in the freezer and the bottom refrigerated section is ....well, let's just say that it's having some mold issues.  I've been trying to ignore it for the last couple of weeks or so - I just haven't had the energy to tackle emptying the fridge and bleaching everything.  (Hey, you break your ankle and see what you let go, okay?)

But today, I woke with a song in my heart and pure adrenaline racing through my veins.  Of course, the cup of coffee I had this morning probably helped too.  ;-)  After changing beds, washing all of the bedding in the house (yes, even the blankets), bathing the kids, and vacuuming the floor, I set to work cleaning out the fridge.

The food was still in good shape - I've been trying to make sure I cycle new produce in and out of the house so we're always eating the oldest stuff first.  It was the actually fridge that needed scrubbing.

It seems that the extra moisture from the snow in the freezer has been melting down the back of the refrigerator compartment and pooling in the bottom of the fridge under the produce drawers, making a nice toxic sludge.  I donned my trusty yellow gloves to clean up that mess.  Then I emptied, bleached, and scrubbed the produce drawers and shelves and carefully washed and inspected the food.

While the plastics soaked in the tub, I tackled the actually body of the fridge.  Ugh.  Let's just say that it had been a while since I did such a deep clean of this appliance.  It made for some interesting discoveries.  Thankfully, with the cleaning power of bleach, the fridge is now spotless and completely rearranged.

Yes, you're seeing that right - the produce drawers are now on the shelves.  The thought of keeping my fruits and vegetables in an area that is now super-prone to mold growth seemed to be a really stupid thing to do.  Also, keeping the drawer area at the bottom open will hopefully allow air to circulate better in that area and help retard future growth.

You'll also notice that all of my leftovers are now on the top shelf.  That should help to remind me of what needs to be eaten or frozen.  The tan plastic tub holds our fruit - hopefully that will make it easier for the kids to grab a healthy snack.  And yes, the eggs (and the excess of green apples that keep showing up at my door - AUGH!) are now stored in the bottom where it "should" be the coldest.

I'm crossing my fingers that this arrangement, though strange as it is, will help us to keep food longer.

What do you think?  Any good suggestions or ideas?  Comment below!

Edited later to add - My friend, Mr. Google, and I diagnosed and fixed my fridge issues.  It seems that the drain in the floor of the freezer was blocked with ice.  It took about 15 minutes and 2 cups of water to fix the issue.  This should stop the water dripping down into the fridge - I hope!  Who says girls can't fix stuff!?!?!? 

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