Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Green Tomato Bonanza!

A friend came by my place this morning with a plastic grocery bag full green tomatoes, straight from her garden.  Being one who can't stand wasting food, I spent the rest of the day washing, sorting, and processing tomatoes.
  • The larger, more ripe specimens (ones that were the hue of the one in the pic) were placed in my front window to finish ripening.
  • The small dark green ones were turned into Green Tomato Relish (Thanks to Lauren for the suggestion when I put the all-call out on our Facebook page).  This was a HUGE hit - my mother was scooping it up by the spoonful during dinner.
  • The slightly larger green ones are sitting in a bowl on my counter.  I call that bowl "limbo" - if they're still green when we run out of relish, then I'll make more relish.  If they're rippening, they'll be added to the window sill to finish off.
That's one of the things that's saved me a lot of money when it comes to our food budget - I make it my goal to not waste a bit.  (Nor do I turn away free produce ... but that's another story! ;-)  )


  1. Hey, no worries! I've got a lot of green fruit still on my plants, so I'm right behind you with this one (thanks for testing!). Did you use the full cup of vinegar?

    We're drowning in bananas here (not from the garden; sadly we don't leave anywhere nearly warm enough) and I've been Googling like a mad thing to find recipes to use them in. There's a banana panna cotta recipe up on my blog from that. The caramel sauce makes it not quite paleo, but it's a treat.

  2. I put in a "splash" on vinegar. (Yes, I'm very scientific over here. ;-) )


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