Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No, I am not dead!

No, I am not dead...but I did come pretty damn close.

Okay, I'm joking, of course...well, kinda. See, there's a story behind my absence....

It started 2 weeks ago when I took my daughter to her annual checkup at the doctor's office.  And though we stayed on the "healthy" side of the waiting room and washed our hands before and after leaving, we still came down with a cold. 

While the kids got the fever and a runny nose, I came down with the worst of it - the nasty respiratory cold decided to camp out in my sinuses, lungs, and throat for the last week.  When I wasn't washing dishes, breaking up fights, doling out meds to the kids, or making food, I was lying on the couch or bed and praying for death.  (The joys of single motherhood!)  I wasted away my "non-kid" weekend lying on the couch, coughing up my lungs and blowing my nose inbetween fevered naps.  I did venture out Sunday morning to do a little grocery shopping to get us through the week, but otherwise, I stayed down and out, waiting for the ick to pass.

Thankfully, it is passing.  I still have a cough and the annoying runny nose, but I can sit at the computer for more than an hour before I have to give in to the "crawl under the desk and die" feeling.  A few more days and I should be past this mess...and we can go back to Paleo fun!  ;-)

BTW: let me add that I am thankful that I had a freezer full of chicken broth.  That's what I lived off of for the last week.  Plenty of chicken and carrot soup to go around!  ;-)

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