Monday, April 18, 2011

Going Against the Grain of CW

I had lunch with a friend Saturday - a friend I haven't seen since before Christmas.  She was amazed at my weight loss and starting asking me questions.   The conversation went like this:
She: "What are you eating?"
Me: "Protein, veggies, healthy fats, and some fruit."
She: "Healthy fats?  So, olive oil and canola oil."
Me: "No, no canola oil."
She: "Why not?  Everyone says that's a healthy oil."
Me: -- gives a 2 minute lecture about the evils of canola oil --
She: "Well, what do you use then?"
Me: "Well, I use butter and lard to cook in because it's cheaper and good olive oil for salad dressing and other cold uses."
She: -- eyebrow goes up -- "Lard!?!?!?!  You eat LARD!?!!??  Aren't you afraid of what that's doing to your arteries?"
That's about the point in the conversation where my head exploded.

OK, maybe not exploded but I did quickly change subjects.  Though I don't mind exposing people to the joys of Paleo, there are times where they are so deeply invested/involved in the conventional wisdom of the day (aka - low fat), that digging them out would be like digging to China.

At the end of our lunch, I promised to send her some easy-to-read links so she could read all of the information for herself, which I did the moment I got home.  Haven't heard a reply yet.  Guess I ran her off...or I buried her so deeply in information, she can't type.  ;-)

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