Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mealtime At Our House

I sat down to write a blog entry today....but everything I started ended up being a rambling post about life, liberty, and the pursuit of the Paleo Lifestyle.  (I guess working on my fiction pieces before I blog is a bad idea, huh?)

So, instead, I thought I'd post a few paleo-friendly pictures I found on my camera last week:

See the green and white 8 lb bucket o' lard?  For some reason, that bucket gets the most comments from visitors.

"You eat lard!?!?!?!  Ewwwww...."

Thankfully, they don't see the plastic container of "chicken fat" I have in the fridge from the last time I made chicken broth.  Yum!

(And yes, those are potatoes frying in the little cast iron pan.  I know that potatoes aren't Paleo, but we eat them anyway.  They're cheap, don't affect my blood sugar, and extra yummy when they're fried in lots of lard or chicken fat.  My thought is - it comes from the ground and has no additives or preservatives, so why not eat some in moderation?  80/20 Rule, right?  ;-)  )

Dinner 1:
Chicken and carrot stew
Braised cabbage and onions
1/2 cup of fried potatoes
Salad greens with avocado and ranch dressing
Pear (for the kids only)

This was a super yummy meal - I used up the last of the chicken broth and the more "interesting" carrots to make this stew.  I'll have to repeat it again but next time, use more garlic.

 Dinner 2:
BBQ Chicken
German-Style Red Cabbage
Salad greens with avocado and ranch dressing

One of my old standby "quick meals" - saute onions and garlic in a pan, dump in cooked chicken and BBQ, turn down heat and let it simmer until cooked chicken starts to fall apart.

(Can you tell I was in a salad mood last week?)

Dinner 3:
Hamburger patties (handmade with 80/20 ground beef)
Fried potatoes
Salad greens with avocado and ranch dressing

This is my kids' favorite way to eat ground beef - there is much happy dancing when they realize that we're having hamburgers minus the buns...and thankfully, it's a pretty simple meal.

Dinner #4:

London Broil
Fried Potatoes (no, those weren't all mine - I was in the processes of serving off of my plate when I took the pic)

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