Friday, January 7, 2011

Meal Planning and Fat

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, one of my goals for 2011 is to eat Paleo 90% (or more) of the time.  I'm also trying to keep my carb intake under 100g a day - any more than that and I feel sluggish and brain dead throughout the day.

To reach this goal, I'm using an online tool, (free), to plan and log my food for the day.  I spent some time last week figuring out ratios and grams.  I'm trying to keep my carbs under 100 grams and protein intake around 120 - 125 grams while keeping my fat as high as possible. (Yes, I guess you can say I'm on a high-fat diet.  I've tried high protein and it's just not as satisfying nor "appetite controlling" as when I'm eating more fat.)

I think of this as "retraining" my brain to make the right food choices in regards to carbs.  Also, it's helped to reel in my mindless eating at night - usually I'm starving at night and can't stay out of the fridge.  Who knew it was because I wasn't eating enough throughout the day so by night time my body was telling me to eat, eat, eat!  Now, I have a bedtime snack (apple and peanut butter) and that's it....and surprisingly, I'm quite happy.  Gee, what a surprise!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a couple screenshots from my daily food log on FatSecret:

This is yesterday's ratio chart - Carb vs Fat vs Protein:

As you can easily see, a majority of my calories comes from fat.  The sheer amount that I eat didn't really hit me until I saw this graph.  Geez....if I believed the drivel that the American Heart Association and all of the other "health organizations" are spouting, I should be dead soon....or at least the size of a two-ton truck.  HA!

Here is the "grams" breakdown for the same day:

Interesting, huh?

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