Monday, January 17, 2011

Coupons - Do You Use Them?

I gave up on couponing years ago, well before I went Paleo or Low-Carb.  Every weekend I'd peruse the coupon fliers that came in the Sunday newspaper and end up clipping coupons for processed foods that we thought we'd like to try.  The clipping and organizing and remembering to take the pile with me - it just started to become more of a hassle than a help.

So, one weekend I went cold turkey - no more Sunday newspaper (we were only reading the comics and the coupons anyway).  Instead, I kept an eye out on the grocery and drug store ads for the few items that we did use bought them in bulk when they were on sale.  The savings in time (and my sanity) were well worth the 50 cents or $1 I would have saved using coupons.

Now that I've cleaned up my food, coupons are even more useless to me.  Not once have I run across a coupon for fresh fruit, vegetables, or meat.  It's always for processed crap!  I can't help but wonder if there were actually coupons for fruits and vegetables, would more people eat them?  

Do you use coupons?  Do you have any good tips?  Comment below...


  1. I took a couponing 'class' from a lady who saved $100s of dollars each week on her grocery bill, but when she showed pictures of what was in her pantry all I saw was processed foods full of chemicals and loads of sugar. I wondered how many pounds of sugar was hidden in all the food she had in there.

    I showed her my shopping list and asked her if, IHO, if couponing would help me, she looked at my list full of meat, vegs and fruit and said "No, It wouldn't."

    I, like you do, go through the weekly ads and look at the meat prices and stock up on meat when it is on sale. I know where the best prices (by doing a price book) are for frozen vegetables and my other 'stock' foods.


  2. I do use coupons, but here in Ontario, there aren't that many circulated. I get a coupon flyer about once a month from Procter and Gamble, so it's all personal care products, detergent, toilet paper, etc. I have a small stash of coupons for omega-3 eggs, pickles, condiments, and other odds-and-ends food I might buy.

    I'm blown away by how it is in the US, though, with double coupons and what not.

  3. Couponing has proven to be very difficult now that I eat a more whole foods diet. When I find coupons they are for the few processed items my husband eats and they last him a long time because he doesn't eat much of it daily.

    With non-edible items, the store brand is still cheaper than the brand item + coupon.

    "They" sure don't make it easy to eat healthfully on a budget.

    I gave up on the organic/pastured idea a long time ago. I do make one exception to purchasing organic: if it is a processed food item that my husband eats I will buy organic if it's the only way to avoid hydrogenated oils. (Now, if I can get him to let go of processed food altogether that would be wonderful....)

  4. I used to be obsessed with couponing. I spent hours weekly planning my shopping trips. Now I realize its all processed foods and junk food now I just look for coupons that are for paper or bath products. One thing I do keep my eye out open for are the target $1 off produce coupons. Eating fresh fruits and veggies can get $$.

  5. Whole Foods accepts manufacturers coupons + a Whole Foods coupon (found online or in store). I save on a lot of our food that way. However we still eat some dairy. There's also plenty of coupons to be found for things like coconut milk, coconut/almond flour, water, spices, eggs etc. You just have to be willing to look for them.

    The way that I really save with coupons is using them on the everyday items like toilet paper, laundry detergent, soap etc. That frees up extra money for buying things like grassfed meat, and organic vegetables. We get most of our household products free or nearly free using coupons. I have a full time (more than full time) job but the savings is worth it for me to spend an hour or two on the weekend in prep/shop time.


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