Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Links

I was perusing my bookmarks this morning when I discovered a cache of links I had saved specifically for this blog.  They're a bit outdated but I wanted to make sure they were shared anyway:

Food Waste - It's sickening when I see people throw out perfectly good food.  It's even more sickening to find out that the whole food production process is full of waste.  This quote surprised me:
"Supermarkets generate an enormous amount of food waste— Bloom estimates about 800 pounds of food waste per store per day, equalling about 30 million pounds of food nationally."

I plan to order that book from the library come next year when I'll have a little more time to read.

Food & Mood - Does food affect your mood or does your mood affect what you eat?  You decide.  (Also covered at LifeHacker)

Gary Taubes - I've been a big Gary Taubes fan ever since I caught one of his "Good Calories, Bad Calories" talks via Google Video last year.  So I was quite happy to find out (thanks to three different friends) that he now has a blog.  It's about time!  ;-)

FatHead Movie on Hulu - I've been reading   It may not be "Paleo" but it never hurts to open your eyes to the world around you and see what else people are discovering about food and our bodies.....yes, even experiments with fast food.  ;-)

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