Thursday, November 4, 2010

Paleo and the Common Cold

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Earlier this week, I felt like a slug.  You know...that typical run-down, "I'm coming down with something" ickiness that seems to overtake you at the most inopportune time. Well, let me tell you - this last Tuesday I felt icky.  I just wanted to crawl under my desk, curl up in a ball, and sleep it off.  Ugh.

Now, yes, I work out of my home, but that doesn't mean I can stop and have a "sick day" just because I'm feeling "icky".  I had deadlines to make, people to please...oh, and let's not forget about the two kids bouncing off the living room walls.  So, instead of crawling under my desk like I wanted to, I took the time to make a huge pot of chicken and vegetable soup (with lots of garlic and broth), brewed a big pot of green tea, and soldiered on.

Doing this "pre-paleo" would have sent me into a downhill spiral to Cold Hell.  I'd be sniffling and sneezing and grumbling and generally suffering for at least a week.  Being around two small kids all the time (have I mentioned my two kids- ages 3 and 5?  I swear they're germ sponges at this age) resulted in me being sick a lot, which in turn meant I suffered a lot. 

Last cold season alone, I caught the flu in October...OCTOBER!...and from that time on, I seemed to be sick or fighting off a sinus infection on a weekly basis.  My kids, on the other hand, were sick for a day, maybe two, before they completely recovered.  They'd be bouncing around, causing havok and destroying the house, while I laid on the couch and prayed for death.

That was the Cold Season from Hell.

This year has been totally different.  We've had two colds wander through my house already (yah, kids!) and I think we were sick for maybe a day and then it was gone.  When the ickiness overtook me this week, I soldiered on with the thought of "I can be sick after my deadline, damn it."  Who knew I'd wake up the next day and feel just fine?  Who knew diet would make such a difference???

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