Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where art though, food?

I cracked open my fridge this morning to see this:

Hmmm...looks like the maid forgot to go grocery shopping this weekend.  Gotta fire her one of these days.  ;-)

Yes, my fridge is looking a bit bare this week.  I'm trying hard not to go grocery shopping until this weekend when the bank account will have a little more money in it.  And really, I just don't have the time or patience to wrestle the kids out of the house, into the car, through two different grocery stores and the produce market, and then home. (Just thinking about it makes me tired.)

So, I'm going to make do with what we have.  As you can see, we have enough fruit (apples and bananas) to get the kids to Friday, though I'm sure they'll be sick of apples by then.  We have 3.5 dozen eggs - plenty for breakfast and emergency meals.  There's onions and dry beans in the cupboard and chicken and broth in the freezer, so I'll probably make a big pot of stew tonight - a filling and warm meal that can be stretched to feed at least me for a few days.  Oh, and let's not forget the meat and frozen vegetables in the freezer - instant meals. 

So, yes, we'll make it through to Friday night. Though I do know one thing is certain - I'm not looking forward to the massive amount of grocery shopping I'm gonna have to do this next weekend!

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