Friday, October 1, 2010


A few quick updates:

Yes, I'm feeling much better today.  My throat still hurts a little but I'm sure I'll live.  ;-)

I realized something while lying prone on my couch yesterday - It's really rare for me to get sick these days.  I think maybe I've had two colds since January, when I started changing my diet.  Big change from last year where I seemed to catch everything that came withing three yards of me, including the flu...TWICE!


This was one of the stranger colds - usually when I'm sick, I crave simple carbs (sugar!).  This time, all I wanted was protein.  I ate a dozen eggs all by myself in the last two days - mainly poached to save my sore throat.  Mmmmm....poached eggs.....  See!  I'm still craving protein! 


Remember all of that food I bought 2 weeks ago?  All gone.  My poor fridge looks bare once again.  We ate it all though I did have a few peaches that I had to toss - I think they arrived at the house rotten.  (Mental note - don't buy peaches at Sprouts again.)


Sorry for the quick entry but I have a lot to catch up on today.  Working out of my home means I can take a sick day when I want to but it also means there's no one around to take up the slack.

Hope you have a great weekend...and whatever you do, get out there and get some sunshine!  Won't be long before the winter doldrums hit.

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