Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Inexpensive Exercise = Moving Furniture

I spent my Saturday afternoon rearranging and cleaning my living room.  Had to empty and move 3 bookcases, excavate my desk and then move it to a new corner, disassemble and reassemble the computer and all it's paraphernalia, and shove the couch across the carpet a couple times before finally setting it into it's new home along a difference wall.  And in-between it all, I vacuumed the rug and put away all the small things that seem to sneak into our living room.

Let me tell you...THAT was a workout.  I worked up quite a sweat and by the end of the day, my legs were aching, my back was complaining.  I took a hot shower, downed some ibuprofen, and curled up with a good book.

When I woke Sunday morning, I was surprised that I wasn't sore.  Stiff and very, very tired.  (Probably didn't help that I didn't get a lot of sleep that night too.)  Thankfully, I'm back to normal today.


Food Allergy Update:

It looks like nightshades are safe for me to eat.  I've been itch-free and rash-free since my discovery of being allergic to cantaloupe Thursday, even though I ate a lot of tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and peppers all weekend long.  It's so nice to be "itch free" once again...  Ahhhhhh...

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