Friday, September 24, 2010

Which Is More Trashy - Paleo or SAD?

Being a family of three, with one kid still in diapers (ok, pullups...but we're working on it!), I sometimes wonder how our trash output stands up to those families that eat the SAD (Standard American Diet). 

On average, we fill the kitchen trash (the main trashcan in our small apartment) and the recycle bin (a small laundry basket) in about 6 days.  I catch myself sometimes analyzing how we can reduce our trash output even more.  I mean, we don't eat processed foods, so that takes care of a lot of trash right there - no packaging on an apple, right?  ;-)  I recycle everything I can.  The only thing left would be to start a compost bin but considering that I don't have a yard, the soil would just go to waste.

And then I noticed something interesting...  Now, let me start off with the fact that I'm not typically a nosy neighbor.  I'm not spying on them, okay?  It's just that my desk, where I spend every afternoon working, is under a window that looks out onto the main walkway to the carports and trash dumpsters.  So, I can't help but notice that every other day my neighbor walks by with a full kitchen trash bag in his hands.

I don't feel so bad now....   ;-)

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