Friday, September 17, 2010

When the Grocery Ads Suck

Once ever 6 weeks or so, the ads for my two local grocery chains suddenly go "pro-processed / anti-fresh foods".  For that one week, there are barely any fruit or vegetables (F&V) on sale.  Yes, there are still F&V in the ad but they're no where near "sale price".  I mean, come on!  $2.50/lb for non-organic apples?  During apple season?????

This is one of those weeks.  *sigh*  Grocery shopping tomorrow (Sat) is going to be "fun".

Most people I know shrug it off, "Oh well.  I saved money the last 5 weeks.  I just won't buy as much this week."  This option just doesn't work for me.  Our diet includes a lot of F&V - fruit is an important carb for my kids' diet.  Anyway, I like buy fresh every week to ensure we're eating nutritionally dense items - not stuff that's been wilting in my crisper for the last 2 weeks.

When my store ads suck, or I need to fill in some nutritional holes, I seek out other options like:
  • ethnic markets - the local Asian and Indian stores have some great vegetables.  Best of all, they have a huge turnover so it's fresh.  I don't buy fruit's usually half-rotten - I don't know why.  
  • produce market - there's a good one in the next town over.  They sometimes have good deals but I try not to depend on them completely for my F&V needs anymore.  I've noticed that their prices swing around a lot, depends on supply and demand and most times, the grocery chain ads beat them out.  I usually pick over their fruit selection and get just enough to get us through the week.

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